Info / FAQ

What is The Official Unofficial? 

The Official Unofficial is a daytime event that takes place in Rotterdam during the Left of the Dial festival on Friday and Saturday. 

Why is it called The Official Unofficial?

It’s called The Official Unofficial because officially it’s not organized by Left of the Dial, but the festival does however fully support The Official Unofficial spiritually, but mostly promotionally. Left of the Dial is not responsible for the line-up and/or any productional matters. 

Why do we promote The Official Unofficial?

We love seeing unofficial day parties being organised during Left of the Dial. Our goal is and will always be to promote the artists performing at the festival. If the artists travelling all the way to Rotterdam can reach a bigger audience by performing at unofficial showcases as well, we fully support that!

Who organizes The Official Unofficial?

Everybody who wants to organize anything anytime between 9AM and 4PM is more than welcome to do so! 

How do I go about organizing a showcase during The Official Unofficial?

1.     Find a venue in the center of Rotterdam that is willing to accommodate you on the Friday or Saturday of Left of the Dial
2.     Find bands willing to play, make the proper arrangements with them and the venue, make sure they have the gear they need to play, set up a time schedule, invite all your friends, etc.
3.     Submit your event here
4.     On the day of your event: make sure all artists start/finish their sets according the submitted schedule, the audience will appreciate your punctuality. Try to keep the artists and the venue happy and have fun! 

Why would I want to go through the hassle of organizing anything?

If you feel organizing shows is a hassle, then you really shouldn’t bother! Just come and watch  

My band wants to play at The Official Unofficial, who do I reach out to?

There are 2 ways to play at The Official Unofficial: either you organize a showcase event yourself, or you try to get a spot on one of the planned showcases. 

Do we get free Left of the Dial wristbands for everyone involved in our event?

No, per event we give out two general admission wristbands. It’s up to you who you want to give them to, but you must register the names when you submit the form. Accreditation is only possible after your event is included in The Official Unofficial timetable.